Daniel Gehrer
Taming Mobile Development

84% of the world's population owns a smartphone today. Mobile software is not the future. It's already the default today. I'm devoted to taming the complexity that comes with developing and scaling mobile software to create valuable, high-quality products.

Already as a child, I was fascinated by computers and electrical engineering. Today, I develop software and lead teams of developers to build world-class apps that solve real people's problems.

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This is my professional journey so far:


today: Platform Lead for Android

Department Scaling: Key role in scaling the Android department from 5 to 30 developers: Hiring, establishing processes, guidelines, quality standards,...

Google Play Compliance: Stay informed on the latest Android requirements and limitations to keep the mySugr app available in the Google Play Store.

Teaching: 10+ Tech Talks for knowledge sharing, and fostering discussions.

Open Source: Driving the company to contribute to open source.

2020/03 Promoted to Platform Lead for Android

mySugr Pump Control: Architecture and implementation of the backbone, safety concept, and communication Stack for the mySugr Pump Control.

Foundation: Creator and top contributor of 10 reusable libraries that build the foundation of the mySugr Pump Control, and parts of the 2 other products.

BlueCandy on Android: Convincing stakeholders and implementation of the Bluetooth stack for device integrations within the app. It’s now the standard for connecting Bluetooth devices not only within mySugr but also within RDC and its external partners.

2018/03 Started as Senior Software Engineer


2018/03 Switched to mySugr

OTR24.at: Online platform for patients to book appointments with their doctors. Implementation of backend and client for doctors to configure, accept and decline patient appointment requests.

GNV Befundversand: Implementation of a virtual printer that allows to send medical reports via GNV network (Gesundheitsnetz Vorarlberg).

2013/10 Hired as Software Engineer

DICOM Server: Implementation of DICOM Upper Layer Protocol for Message Exchange in pure .NET to receive images from ultrasound devices.

2013/09 Started as Software Engineer Intern

TU Wien

Vienna University of Technology

2017/05 Graduated master program Medical Informatics

Master Thesis: Visualization of Molecular Machinery Using Agent-Based Animation. Presented on SCCG 2017 and CESCG 2017 conferences.

DICOM Viewer: Simple DICOM viewer as university project. Many visualization techniques were manually implemented to better understand them (e.g. MIP Rendering, Windowing, Custom-Transfer-Function-Rendering, DVR, Region-Growing, Gaussian-Filter (2D und 3D), etc.)

Gamification in Ernährungstrackern: Nutrition tracker to investigate advantages of gamification elements inside such a tracker.

2014/09 Graduated bachelor program Medical Informatics

Bachelor Thesis: CellUnity - an Interactive Tool for Illustrative Visualization of Molecular Reactions. Presented on CESCG 2015 conference.

2011/10 Start studying Medical Informatics
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I write on a private blog. I publish a new post, mostly about programming, from time to time.


I also have my own app on the Google Play Store: "Save To…"

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